The Krause Family Foundation: ‘Alana Ke Aloha is a public, 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization (EIN: 27-1531421) registered (01/21/2010) in the State of Hawai‘i with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA).

Welcome to the Krause Family Foundation!


We are a community organization that supports efforts to improve literacy and educational, economic, and career opportunities for children, youth, and adults.  We emphasize the value of and respect for sustaining family and social capital, culture, and language. 



​Our mission is to help those who are not college-bound to attain the skills they need to be successful adults in their communities, including those who are:


  • under-served
  • under-educated

  • under-employed


Our projects focus on a wide variety of areas including literacy, building trades training, sustainable agriculture training, culinary arts training, STEM preparation for young people, and robotics.


Thank you for joining us!



We work with community partners in California and Hawaii to solve organization or community-specific problems.  We are teachers, artists, urban planners, scientists, accountants, mathematicians, writers, and business and community leaders who advocate for education that encourages learners’ (pre-K – adult) self-worth, creativity, and critical thinking. We hope to provide learners of all ages with the skills to generate fresh ideas and discover opportunities for real-world application and innovation.


At the core of each of our project designs is relationship, and a primary goal of all initiatives is to strengthen participants’ literacy skills and engage their imaginations.  Through collaborative proficiency initiatives with our community partners, we work toward strategic outcomes that reflect a healthy planet and happier lives.